Interactive Assessment that involves the learner every step of the way

A celebration of individuality

We believe in the power of creativity and the celebration of our unique and diverse capacities for learning.

Star Teams is a powerful SEN Activity and Assessment system designed to highlight and develop a learner's unique abilities.

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Show don't tell

We believe in the power of presentation. Star Teams is designed to be used on the interactive white board in your classroom - even for admin tasks! Ideal for student engagement and perfect for parent's evenings!

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Focus on Engagement

We believe in a system of assessment that does more than just recording numbers. Star Teams identifies and develops a learner's key skills and passions based upon their engagement with each topic and activity.

What you get is a visual identification of each child's natural aptitudes.

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Combined Activities and Assessment

Star Teams' activities are designed to encourage engagement, the results from which feed directly into the assessment system. Activities and Assessment all in one place!

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