The keyword is control.

Star Teams is designed to give you full control over your learners, your year groups, your classes, subjects, topics and, ultimately, who can access your system.

Year Groups and Classes

You can rename your Year Groups and add as many Classes as you need to each.

With Administrator access you can view the entire school. With teacher or classroom assistant access you can focus directly on your class.

Learner Profiles

Administrators can add Students to each class. All Students have a Learner Profile which tracks and measures their Engagement levels.

Teachers can write notes, record diagnoses information, define development strategies and record engagement. There is also support for the old P-Scales system.

Subjects, Topics and Actions

Teachers can define broad Subjects for their Year Group (e.g. English)
Each Subject can then have Topics assigned to them.

We consider Topics to be Vehicles for learning. You can then assign an Action to the Topic. We consider Actions to be Drivers. A Driver is a way for you to develop a target for how a learner engages (e.g. Repeat an action)

Access to Star Teams

We have designed Star Teams to be available to everybody: Learners, admin staff, teachers, assistants and parents.

We believe that learners, educators and parents having the same view of a child's progress is the best way to achieve a complete assessment as well as a rich and rewarding development.


Star Teams' activities are designed to be fun and engaging for everyone involved.

Every action within an activity is recorded against the learner taking part in the activity. This fine control of data allows you to build a rich profile of engagement for your class and may help you to define future classroom activities.

Star Teams activities are designed to support every Subject / Topic. We are continuously developing activities and are always keen to hear your feedback and suggestions for existing and future activities.

Next steps

To find out more about how we can help you please contact us to arrange a demonstration of Star Teams.

We'd love to share with you how Star Teams can support your teaching and help you to drive engagement with your students.
We, like you, believe that disability is no barrier to achieving our full potential.